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Head to Heart


Hear it is


Majoring in early childhoood and elementary education at the University of Pittsburgh, I traveled to  Birmingham, England to do part of my student teaching.  I completed my Montessori training at the Washington Montessori Institute in Washington D.C.  As an AMI and AMS certified elementary teacher, I learned how storytelling and learning are linked.   Storytelling and Montessori transformed me into a lifelong learner!


As a Montessori teacher at four different levels, from toddler to upper elementary, I shared educational stories.  As a storyteller, I told at venues such as festivals, museums, libraries, middle school, high school and university classrooms, nature centers and senior centers.  As a member of Toastmasters and storytelling groups, I honed my skills.  Living in New York, Washington, Nevada and both Carolinas enriched my experiences.  I  fashioned stories to fit.


I have a thriving, driving interest in working with stories so that whirring within each is a bit of science, history and culture.  Working with various versions of a story as well as researching its elements, I create my own tale to tell.  One tale leads to another until a program is created.  Each listener is a participant, 'seeing' the story in their mind's eye.  The head and the heart, at once, make each story a  personal experience.


Now hear this!

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